Never Forget.

Sitting in a giant field listening to soft jazz is a life defining moment.

Not in and of itself life defining, but sitting here reminising about the reality of what is actually happening, is a moment I know I will hold on to forever.

Does anyone else have those stunning moments of clarity? Acceptance flooding through your body, knowing that this is a moment you need and will remeber, while living it?

I am staring at the blue sky. Feeling a soft breeze through my hair, while smelling the air around me. I know that whenever I reminice on my travels further on in my life, I will remeber this moment and how I felt. The grass will seem greener, the air will taste earthier, and the warmth will wrap me like a cacoon. While those feelings are stretching the truth, it will be my reality of the past. With that I remeber we are all just moments in time. Accept the moment and the joy that it brings.

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Being Rewritten.

I haven’t written in a while. Why? I don’t really have a simple answer for that. But I can say that my eyes have been opened and I don’t feel like the same person who started this blog several months ago. I am sitting here in class and I can’t even think of the things that bothered me even last month. It seems like years have gone by and yet it has only been 3 weeks.


When I got here after traveling through France, Netherlands, and Brussels, I was ready to take a hot shower and feel at home. At last, homesickness had caught up with me and I NEEDED to just sleep in my own room by myself. First traveling had been exciting. I had not noticed the subtle changes in my life that I should have when it came to my reality. I started missing my American processed food. As well as the instant comforts of America. While I saw the issues that these conveniences caused in my life, I still missed these comforts of home. I made friends, travelled around my new home, and filled my time with distractions to make my new life seem less empty. I can say now, there is no running away from culture shock or homesickness. I made a few friends who understood what I was going through and slowly started to face my issues. Trying to balance my new life of traveling that I always wanted with what my brain was struggling to accept. That things were different and that I had to accept that.


Slowly things changed. I am now better dealing with my mixed emotions, but I still struggle with my cravings and mood swings due to the new environment. The longer I am here though, the easier it becomes. I can see the joy of traveling again and can’t wait to explore the rest of my surroundings.


I guess all I am saying here today is that no matter how perfect something looks, or what exactly you think something will look like, reality is much different. I still love it and I am still so glad I came. But take care of yourself if you make the same journey. Life is not always picture perfect, and in the lows make sure you can make it back to the highs. As my joy comes back to me so does the excitement and passion. I look forward to this being my life, and as that acceptance settles in my mind, the rest of my path is becoming clearer.

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Study abroad

The act of traveling is boring.

I am just going to state the obvious while I sit here waiting for my flight to end.

This morning I woke up at 6am to get ready for my bus ride to the airport. After a 2-hour drive, I finally showed up in my small-town airport just to be waiting another 2 hours to board my initial flight. After the joy of being on the plane for an hour, I got to start my next layover of 6 hours. I got to jump on another plane to spend 9 hours waiting, before finally touching down at my destination. All in all, I have spent 20 hours this day just trying to get where I need to be and it’s still not over!!


6am on an empty bus, starting the trip

No one tells you how terrible all this waiting around is when you’re looking at travel sites. It’s just all about the location. Maybe it is like giving birth? You forget how terrible it is as soon as you arrive… Let’s hope. But as soon as I land, I have to rush off to get euros, go through customs, find my baggage, locate the train, and somehow make it deeper into the city where I can hope to find my hostel. Easy peasy when you don’t have any idea how to speak the language. (Insert Sarcasm here) It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the stress of doing it all in one day and on very little sleep is actually worrying. Thankfully if I want, as soon as I get to the hostel I can crash. But that won’t help much with my adjustment to the new time zone.

All in all, it is a bit of crazy excitement mixed with extreme trepidation and tiredness that is my feelings as I prepare to land. What I have learned so far, upgrade to the preferred seating for $30 dollars. For a 9-hour flight it was amazing and worth it for the extra leg room and blanket. Highly recommend for any travel. It also helped I didn’t have a passenger, so I got to take up the whole aisle while I slept!
I still have 2 hours before I land, so happy sleeping everyone back home! I will post after my first day there tomorrow.




About to go on my adventure, here are my thoughts.

The semester started at my home university. Everyone got back to town this weekend and meetings are in full swing. As this all is going on, I am prepping to leave the country in a week and a half. Working as much as I can and trying to figure out my budget is happening all in preparation for my travel. I started to plan what I will be packing. Whether I want a carry on, or how cold I might be staying in hostels. While trying to get an idea of what I actually will need.

A few days ago, I realized how much I will be missing by going on my adventure. Several of my friends will be graduating without me. I can’t believe after 4 years together I won’t be here to see them graduate. There is also spring break, and valentine’s day that I will miss. I will be missing several of my advisees graduate from the program I work for. I will be missing several months of my dog’s life. It hurts, but I know it is what is best for me going forward.

At the same time, I feel nothing but excitement as I prepare. I will be living my dream and exploring independently. I am scared of settling down because of the fact that I love my independence. I know that having this time to myself to make friends and lifelong memories is what I need to move forward in my life, and I cannot wait to start this journey. I am so excited to meet people in the hostels and at the school. I can’t wait to go see the sights and really immerse in completely new cultures. I am worried that I am going to fall over my head and never want to leave!

I am excited to post more and get this started. I have a great support system and people who love me. I can’t wait to bring you all along with me and see where I end up in this journey.