New Year, Different Me.

Going into the new year I made a resolution. I decided this year was going to be about me, and making me happy. Rather than aim for a healthier lifestyle or a cleaner house. I am going to actively push to do things that make me filled with joy. Rather than focus on the work, or school I am going to look forward to the weekends. I will push to make my time with friends a priority and make memories that will last the rest of my life. I want this year to be amazing because of me. I am traveling, and graduating college this year. I am going to get my first job in my field this year, and work at several different internships. I am going to be applying for masters or PhD programs overseas, while making a home for my little family. So much will happen, and I am already planning for the year after!


I am going to focus on making this year amazing! Loving my self and making choices that will make me truly happy while also trying to fix my flaws. This year is Courtney reloaded, and I am going to kill it.

Hello 2019, Im here and Im going to kick your ass!



Christmas is here and that means… driving?

Happy holidays to all!

Today, I am going to spend driving across a state in order to spend some time with my family. While only 6 hours of driving, it is a lot to do in one day and I would much rather just take the train. Along the way we are going to cozy up and listen to holiday music. We will be staying for only 4 days so its hard to pack my entire family into such a short trip, but we will try!! Over the course of the weekend we will be driving all over town to see my various grandparents and siblings. All the while packing gifts into the car!

I wanted to jump on here before we left and say happy holidays and best of wishes to everyone. We live in such a sad world sometimes. Just a little positivity and love can go a long way. Its important to remember the important things, and thats spending time with others and spreading love.

From my house to yours,